Thank you for visiting <Prodigy> of Drak'Tharon.  We are a community of dedicated endgame raiders seeking to achieve all current content.  We are a relatively young guild that only began progression raiding with patch 3.2. Since then, we've formed into a talented community just one step away from raiding Heroic 25-man Icecrown Citadel (11/12).  We are always seeking those who want to commit themselves to the same goals we have; Experiencing all the content that is available.  Prodigy's progression is done with a single core raid, but not without the help of its supporting cast.  Those spots are never guaranteed and are earned through performance, attendance, and commitment.


If you feel like you might want to be apart of this community, we are always open to all exceptional players, regardless of class.  Although gear is generally the measuring stick, we care more about output than gearscore.  Applicants will be evaluated not just on gear, but on achievements, raiding experience, and reputation.  Above all, we are a friendly community.  Along with having fun, we expect maturity and the ability to take constructive criticism.